Vol.II, No.4, 2011



Abstract: With the fourth edition volume II, of PROBATION junior journal coming to a close, we deeply appreciate all of you for the enthusiasm and support you have provided over the past two years! We hope you will continue to assist us as we grow continue to grow the journal and our readership! Born from within the faculty of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Bucharest, the journal from its inception has sought to meet international academic standards. The following three subjects are addressed in this edition of PROBATION junior, come from recent graduates of the University of Bucharest Masters’ program.

Key word: editorial

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Difficulties encountered by inmates in prison

Crina Alexandra CURTESCU

Abstract: The issues surrounding the quality of life of prisoners beginning with the cells in which they live in most of the time, the rooms where they have activities and concluding with the behavior that staff adopt when it comes to detainees. Additionally, we discuss the abuse of inmates and the types of abuse they receive. However, the worst of them all is the deprivation of freedom and the opportunity to be with their families. This paper will not address the conditions of prisons, albeit good or poor, but it will instead focus on the issues of prisoners within the confines of prison.

Key words: inmate, prison

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Prison staff. Prison subculture, norms and values, and false incarceration’s suffering


Abstract: The subject of prison environments have been researched and written about many times over by subject matter experts from within the criminal justice and sociology field. Much emphasis is placed on the sentences received, the suffering imprisonment, the subculture of prison, the relations between them/between them and the outside world, prison conditions etc., but very few talk about other human constitutive element of a prison environment: prison staff. The impact is felt hard by the individual upon entering this environment. Prison staff must deal with the restrictiveness of the job and the bombardment of insults and abuses by prisoners. This paper will look at the breakdown caused by work and daily routine in the same closed environment – depressing, transposition behavior in prison and outside; which in time leads to the incapacity of the individual, the inability to link relationships outside prison, the closure itself, lack of interest in the development of interpersonal relationships, less visible things for those in front of the bars. Through this work we attempt to discover as much about the world of prison staff, difficulties encountered by them during labor in prison and how this affected their job and personally.

Key words: prison, prison staff

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Rehabilitation and reintegration programs for inmates

Crina Alexandra CURTESCU

Abstract: This paper will demonstrate the usefulness and need for rehabilitation and reintegration programs of former prisoners. The effectiveness of these programs offer advantages to both the criminals and society as a whole. The following questions will be posed and discussed in this paper “Do prisoners want to participate in reintegration programs to help them when releases? And if so, what would be most useful programs for reintegration?”, “What purpose they actually achieve?”, “What are the obstacles to be overcome by inmates after release from prison?”, “What do other countries to help former inmates in the rehabilitation or preparation for release?”.

Key words: inmate, prison, reintegration

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