Vol.II, No.2, 2011



Abstract: We are at the second edition of our second volume and we are happy to bring to your attention new phenomena that concern us all. As always, we start by thanking you for being with us on every edition, for supporting and believing in PROBATION junior. In this edition we challenge you with 4 extremely interesting articles that concern always in the limelight yet new phenomena.

Key word: editorial

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Exclusion and reintegration of inmates in France

Amandine CAPRON, Catherine CHAUVIN, Laura DENIS, Marie DAMAY

Abstract: The French Ministry of Justice since 1911 has administered French prisons. The prison administration has two missions: to punish criminal offenders and to reintegrate offenders, both of which serve to protect society and avoid the phenomenon of recurrence. The intent of this article is to stress the importance of exclusion and reintegration of inmates as part of a social policy of the French democratic state. Although it is obvious that the French government is implementing various methods of reintegration, the vast amount of recidivism cases shows a high failure rate for reintegration programs. Taking this into account, lends one to ponder if not the preventive rather than repressive policies are the solution.

Key words: inmate, recidivism, reintegration

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Border security. Current status and recommendations

Erika A. WIKER

Abstract: The Northern and Southern borders of the United States are comprised of over 7.458 miles consisting upwards of over 109 official ports of entry, admitting over 1.050.000 visitors a year (Wasem et.al, p. 2). The men and women of the United States border patrol must meet the challenge of safeguarding our border from the non-criminal illegal aliens, drugs, as well as the emergent threat of terrorism. Over the past nine years, much has been done to increase the workload of the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP); with little forethought to the need of increased man-power and/or the development of a validated risk management strategy that supports the abundance of dollars that has been spent on penetrable systems such as physical fences.

Key words: criminality, drugs, border security

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Book review – Bălan, A. (2008): Female crime – causes and social effects. Prevention strategies, C.H. Beck Publishing, Bucharest

Ștefania DUDĂU

Abstract: Presented in an attractive manner, the reviewed book is meant to unravel and at the same time analyze the notion of female crime. Structured in eight chapters, the author attempts to illustrate how the phenomenon of female criminals appeared. Analyzing the phenomenon, the author highlights the importance of the factors that have contributed to the appearance and development of the female crime and stresses the fact that the notion of female crime should be treated as distinct in the analysis of the crime phenomenon in general.

Key words: criminality, feminine delinquency, prevention

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Civil society’s implications in the criminal justice system

Cecilia POPA

Abstract: After 20 years since the fall of Communism, Romania still does not have a compact civil society able to engage all its human, material, and financial capital in the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. Sooner or later convicted people will return to our communities and their success in doing so will depend to a greater extent on those parties outside of the criminal justice system ready to help. Although the society has developed itself extensively after 1989, when communism fell, one might ask why we have not reached a substantive and significant change in the field of criminal justice? With a qualitative research, the present paper highlights the benefits that civil society can have, especially nongovernmental organizations, in regard to delivering solutions to the criminal justice system. Based on 21 interviews with the main social actors within the criminal justice system in Romania, and 31 questionnaires with community respondents regarding restructuring the punitive system and drafting a human rights platform for those who serve a sentence, I will draw your attention to some concrete and convenient solutions.

Key words: reintegration, civil society, criminal justice

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