Vol.II, No.3, 2011



Abstract: The 3rd edition of Volume II continues to keep up with the new developments in the national criminal law field as well as in the international field. The following three articles have been submitted for your enjoyment. We deeply thank you for your support and we invite you to read and comment upon the newest edition of our journal!

Key word: editorial

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The prisoner – object or person?


Abstract: In the prisoner’s approach, the vision of the specialist becomes essential: “In front of me what do I see – a person with an identity of its own or simply, the object of my activity?” It is desirable to give him credit in order to cause the beginning of a certain responsibility, to give him the possibility to show himself worthy of a new chance. The legal offence is actually, for the most part, an expression of deep discontent. It is that terrible silent shout that tries to break the other’s indifference – pain that is so often assimilated as a thoughtless gesture, underneath which lies a whole history of wounds, repressed by the defendant. One cannot speak of social reintegration if it relates to the prisoner that should only be characterized as to an animal; which has no personality as an exteriorization of the individuality. Generally, the prison is associated with the still image touched only of the inevitable passage of the time under sentence, in a dreadful atmosphere of apathy and chronic stress. What is, however, the prison role?

Key words: prison, reintegration

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Research report: means test/scientific knowledge


Abstract: Taking into consideration the characteristics and the complexity of evidence in a criminal trial, it is imperative that the methods of interpretation leave little room for ambiguity that could lend to the inaccurate conclusions. Thus, for a fair awarding of a solution in criminal cases, the evidence may not be enough (evidence that in some cases may prove to be apparent evidence) and deemed necessary the opinion of specialists, namely, expert appraisals. The present research report focuses on the importance of a semantics expert appraisal that might lead to a reinterpretation of the exhibits in the specific criminal case researched.

Key words: criminal trial, evidence

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Romanian prison system and Azerbaijani prison system

Cecilia POPA

Abstract: Speaking in regard to one penal system is complicated enough. However, discussing two systems simultaneously and providing a comprehensive analysis is even more complex. Comparing two systems can allow us to learn what works and what does not and also, what we could learn from these two systems’ weaknesses and strengths. This analysis is conducted based on the Criminal Code, the law regarding the execution of sentences, and the regulations for internal discipline in prisons from both countries. This paper aims to conclude the strengths and weaknesses of these laws, but also the alternatives to prison system.

Key words: criminal justice, criminal code

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